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70% of cyber attacks target small businesses

Cyber-attacks are becoming more sophisticated and SMB’s are more vulnerable than ever before. According to the National Cyber Security Alliance, the reason why this stat is so high is because small businesses are easy targets. Don’t let this scare you! We’ve partnered with WatchGuard to bring you advanced security solutions that will keep malware at bay:

Threat Detection and Response correlates network and endpoint security events with enterprise-grade threat intelligence to detect, prioritize and enable immediate action against malware attacks.

Host Ransomware Prevention is a feature that stays with your laptop no matter where you go, blocking malicious threats.

Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) Blocker uses an award-winning next-generation sandbox to detect and stop the most sophisticated attacks such as ransomware, zero day threats, and other advanced malware.





Protection from malware, phishing, ransomware, business email compromise, spam and more.
Assurance against potentially malicious attachments.
Defense from embedded links to malicious websites.
Highly accurate filtering that blocks 99.5% of threats without impending legitimate emails.
Business continuity maintains email communications during service disruptions.


Multi-layer threat filtering to protect against malicious email content.
Attachment quarantine and sandbox analysis.
URL re-write with time-of-click analysis.
Live threat analysis, machine learning and automated traffic analysis to increase accuracy.
Automatic spooling of inbound emails and 30-day history.


Installed on your desktop, ZixMail provides end-to-end email encryption to protect messages and attachments with a single click. With ZixMail, you enjoy automated key management and leverage the ZixDirectory and Best Method of Delivery to exchange secure email with anyone, anywhere on any device. ZixMail integrates with your on-site or Web-based email, and encrypted messages are delivered using your existing email address.


ZixEncrypt removes the hassle of encrypted email and gives you peace of mind that your sensitive data is secure in email. Using proven policy filters, your emails and attachments are scanned automatically. If emails contain sensitive information, they can be encrypted or quarantined. With encryption, secure email is delivered to your recipients in the easiest method possible, including our unrivaled transparent delivery.


Email remains the top communication tool for businesses. Its popularity also makes it the most common attack vector, with attackers continuously devising new, more targeted attacks to trick users into clicking on malicious links and attachments. Protecting email communications is mission critical, and ZixProtect Plus safeguards your users from the latest inbound email threats, including sophisticated targeted attacks.


Employees send and receive hundreds of emails a day. Managing those emails properly is overwhelming, and meeting regulatory and legal obligations causes headaches. ZixArchive provides secure email retention and makes compliance and eDiscovery easier for you and your team.  As a secure and highly available cloud-based service, ZixArchive can be quickly deployed and is easily managed through a centralized web interface

Microsoft Office 365 is the right choice for your business.

People today want to be productive wherever they go. They want to work faster and smarter across their favorite devices, while staying current and connected. Simply put, they want to have business tools that work as hard as they do.

Office 365 fits the way you work today and tomorrow. Beginning with Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook, Office 365 provides all the familiar Office applications you know, along with a dynamic set of secure cloud connected tools that help you communicate, collaborate and get more done. And it keeps itself up to date so you have the tools you need to do what you do best.

With Office 365 you can, deliver your best work with the latest version of Office. Use and access Office on virtually any device, store, sync, and share files with OneDrive for Business. Stay connected and communicate with business-class email. Work better together with online meetings and conferencing. Trust a financially-backed 99.9% uptime guarantee






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