Technology Managed Solutions

VOIP Phone Solutions

Efficiency and Affordability

Advanced IT Concepts is the smartest choice for your business phone service. It eliminates the burden of purchasing and maintaining a costly hardware-based PBX, while enabling you to focus on maximizing the growth and profits of your business. Advanced IT Concepts behaves like a traditional business phone system, but it is built and maintained in a secure cloud environment.

Minimal Capital Expense

At Advanced IT Concepts we leverage economies of scale to deliver a low cost solution. You only pay for phones, licenses, and monthly usage of local and long distance calling. What this means is that you can freely and easily add or remove phones and licenses at any time to fit your company’s needs, and your monthly costs will adjust accordingly.


Advanced IT Concepts delivers a crystal-clear solution for your company through an environment composed of reliable, carrier-grade network hardware and software, manufactured by the
strongest firms in the market, such as Cisco™, BroadSoft™, IBM®, and ACME Packet™. It is deployed as a geo-redundant solution engineered with dual direct connections to our underlying providers, which means your system runs in a highly available environment.

Productivity-Enhancing Features

Advanced IT Concepts offers advanced mobility and productivity features to meet today’s ever-changing workforce. Whether your employees work at a single site, multiple sites, or remotely, there are features to meet your employees’ needs and keep them connected.


Hosted PBX

All the costly PBX hardware and multiple carrier connections are removed from the equation. What’s left are only the components needed to enable voice communication over a single, secure, and highly efficient data connection.