Technology Managed Solutions

Cloud Services

As a certified Microsoft Partner for Online services Advanced IT Concepts can assist your company with using cloud services to save you money on unneeded IT expenses for small and medium sized businesses.


Advanced IT Concepts offers a full array of cloud-based licensed products. All license fees are incorporated in the monthly product expense. By using the cloud services that Advanced IT Concepts extends to its clients, the need to buy expensive software with user licenses and each independent upgrade is diminished, which lessens the economic burden for our customers.

Improved Accessibility

With using cloud-based services that Advanced IT Concepts provides, this solution will allow you to access such services across multiple devices, regardless of platform, all while spanning various locations.

Minimal Expendatures

Advanced IT Concepts offers advanced mobility and productivity features to meet today’s ever-changing workforce. Whether your employees work at a single site, multiple sites, or remotely, there are features to meet your employees’ needs and keep them connected


Whether your company has three employees or three thousand, cloud-based services are completely scalable, meaning that you can freely and easily add or remove users and licenses at any time to fit your company’s needs, and your monthly costs will adjust accordingly.